Special offer

This is a ONCE-ONLY special offer to let you easily try WordShine and see how good we are. My wife says I'm crazy. But it's for you, and it's ONLY for you, because you're a student—and I want you to stay with WordShine for the rest of your life!

A buccaneer is a high price to pay for corn, but a low price to pay an audiologist!

Our special offer

Our special offer is this: the first time a student orders editing from WordShine for an academic paper, they get a 20% DISCOUNT!!

No conditions, no small print — first order, academic paper, 20% off. End of story. I calculate the normal price for your paper as I usually do, but then I take off 20%! Simple! I'll look after my wife; you can enjoy the savings.

This is an exceptional opportunity to try professional editing and see just how much it improves your writing. Afterwards, you might like to ask your tutor how much easier it was to mark your paper.

An easy answer

When you're finding it difficult to express yourself in English, the answer is easy: ask an editor to correct your writing. But many students don't have a lot of money and they don't have confidence in an editor they don't know.

How good your writing can be

So our special offer is a great solution! It brings you and me together, and lets me show you just how good your writing can be! I don't tell you what to say, I show you how to say it. Because I haven't done the course, I don't know what should be in the paper or the essay. But I know how the language should be used, so I can correct the mistakes and polish the rough parts.

I can correct most things without talking to you. When I cannot decide what you're trying to say I ring you up and ask you!

Go here to get some idea of our fees, and REMEMBER: if you're a student and it's your first order, MULTIPLY BY 80%! You can ring or email me now for a free quote.

Contentment is a pearl of great price, and whoever procures it at the expense of ten thousand desires makes a wise and a happy purchase.

-John Balguy (1686-1748)


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