The cost of essay editing varies according to the length of the paper and the writing skill of the student. After I receive your paper I review it and, before I start editing it, I tell you the price I will charge. When you accept it, I begin work and, come what may, that price will not change.

Get good marks

Editing is charged by the word, based around $35.00 per thousand words, although there could be an adjustment for difficult writing, plus GST.

When I assess your paper I skim through it, looking for difficulties. I ignore spelling, punctuation and minor grammatical errors, as those are quickly fixed. The difficult errors obscure your meaning and for those I must reflect on what's being said, research the topic on the internet or ask you about it. Sometimes, I come back to the passage after editing the rest of the paper, and by then I understand the topic enough to repair the writing.

I estimate how much work is required in the difficult passages and set a price accordingly, which will not change — no matter how wrong my estimate was!

That's a general idea of the fees — I can help you better if I see a sample, so call me. As a student, for your first order you get 20% OFF! Ring or email me now for a free quote.

Minimum charge: $60.00 inc. GST

Today’s public figures can no longer write their own speeches or books, and there is some evidence that they can’t read them either.

–Gore Vidal (1925– )


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